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Bank Holiday Ibis

Whilst at Spurn on Saturday we were keeping an eye on the latest sightings on Birdguides. We noticed a pair of Glossy Ibises that seem to have set off from Loch of Strathbeg in Aberdeenshire on Thursday and were on their way south towards Yorkshire hopefully passing us. On Friday they were reported from multiple sites across Northumberland, which is where they hung around until Saturday morning which became the day of travelling.

They awoke in Northumberland on Saturday morning where they’d fed up ready to go. The first report of them on the move was Whitburn in Durham flying south. Just 40 minutes later they were flying over Hartlepool; then to Seal Sands and then to RSPB Saltholme and finally to North Cave wetlands in East Yorkshire. They spent yesterday at North Cave and thinking they’d not stick around I’d arranged with Keith (a fellow birder) to meet him at Fairburn and we’d see if they’re still in the area, which they were. We walked up to the visitor centre and was going to have a hot drink but the coffee machine was currently being cleaned . So instead of waiting for them to put it back together Keith suggested we set off for North Cave and get a brew there.

Arriving at North Cave we parked the car and walked further down to where they were; instead of going for a drink we wanted to tick them off. We got to them and got a distant view of them. Whilst watching one slowing walking round towards we saw the other right in front of us. They were feeding for about half an hour until the took off and headed further on their journey south. So if we’d had stayed at Fairburn waiting for the coffee machine we’d have misssed them.

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

Unfortunately they haven’t been reported again today so who those where they currently are. So my list now stands at 185.


Two Glossy Ibises were reported the next day (Tuesday) at Mickle Mere in Suffolk, presumably the same two.








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